Connor’s First July 4th

Dress: Target | Sandals: Target |  Purse: Stitch Fix | Earrings: BaubleBar | Sunglasses: Anthropologie 

Last week we celebrated Connor’s first 4th of July. I took the early part of the week off so that I could have some one-on-one time with the little man. After Richard got off work we took these pictures and played in a little kiddie pool in the yard to cool off. I’m so glad we did because we had a little bit of rain the next day. By little, I mean a lot. We woke up first thing on Wednesday morning and tried to go for a run. As if in a movie, the second we stepped out of the door, the rain started pouring. We decided to try and wait it out so we started making pancakes. The rain slowed down before we had a chance to eat so we tried again. But yet again, as soon as we stepped out the rain came down again. So we just got on the road and we did just in time because after we got out of Houston some roads were already flooded.

After we got to the lake, we stayed in most of the afternoon due to the weather. It finally cleared up in the late afternoon just in time to go to our July 4th party. The neighbors at the lake were having a bunch of family and friends over for food, drinks and karaoke. Connor always goes to bed between 7-8, so we were really pushing it with this party. We thought it would be a good opportunity to see what Connor was like past his bedtime. Well, he surprised us all and was still going strong at 9:30. I think there was so much stimulation that as long as you kept walking around with him, he was fine. We finally decided it was time to go home before we hit the point of no return. Sure enough, as soon as we got into the car and away from the stimulation, he fell asleep.

The next morning we got up early and drove back home so I could get back to work. Richard had the day off, however, and had fun Daddy/son bonding time.

During the holiday I kept seeing posts and captions like, “glad our child is going to be raised in the greatest country” and I couldn’t help but stop and reflect on those statements. It’s not that I didn’t feel the same, but I couldn’t help but think that we are here by chance. We can’t help where we are born or where we come from. We are lucky to have been born in a free country, but not everyone has the same opportunity. I thought about all of the families separated at the border, or torn apart by war zone, who want to flee not because they want to, because they have to. I don’t understand how not everyone can’t put themselves in the shoes of those families and feel empathy.

Without getting too much on my soap box, I settled on just saying this:

Connor is the first American born Dagleish. This country was built by immigrants. I’m married to one. We are thankful for the opportunities and life we have built, but most of it was by chance because of the families we were born into. Everyone deserves the chance to give their kids the best life possible. Who wouldn’t want that? We are the land of the free and the home of the brave!


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