Connor Five Month Update

Baby Five Month Update Baby Five Month Update Baby Five Month Update Baby Five Month Update Baby Five Month Update Baby Five Month Update Baby Five Month Update Baby Five Month Update Baby Five Month Update Baby Five Month Update Baby Five Month Update Baby Five Month Update Honestly, I don’t know how another month has passed so quickly! In our last update I made note about Connor’s teething, but it seems like almost overnight his two bottom teeth sprouted up out of nowhere. Now he likes to use his teeth to bite down on Mama when he’s eating. We are working on that, because Mama is not a fan. I think his two upper teeth will come in soon too. His upper bridge is white and swollen. He is definitely an early teether, lucky us!

The other biggest change in Connor that I love is that the is becoming more interactive with his surroundings. He has started to reach out and touch our faces when we lean in to kiss him. He takes his two hands and grasps our face, explores our mouths and lips. He will also try and pull our face in and put his mouth on it. I like to think of it as an early way of giving me a kiss, but he pretty much brings everything to his mouth to explore. Also, he has started to interact with Apollo. He has always noticed and watched Apollo move around, but now he reaches out and tries to touch Apollo, which is SO cute! I think he likes to feel his fur which is a different texture for him. I take Connor around the house in the morning to open the blinds and curtains and one morning he just reached out for the glass window, wanting to explore the light and reflection. It is seriously the most awesome thing watching what he sees. I wish I could see everything his little brain takes in from his perspective! I first noticed this whole reaching out thing a few weeks back when I was drinking my tea, and all of a sudden he grabbed my mug, like “this is mine. I’m going to explore it now.”

We also passed the anniversary date of Richard and I finding out we were pregnant. It was the same day as our 11 year dating anniversary, so we went out to celebrate over dinner to reminisce while Bon Bon and Grandad watched Connor for the evening. He was already asleep so it was more like house sitting, but it was nice to go out on an official date!

Additionally, we have made a little ritual of going on a long walk on Friday evening after Richard gets home. This is mainly to get beer for him and ice cream for me 🙂 But with the weather being so gorgeous lately, it has been an opportunity for us to get out of the house and spend some quality time as a family getting fresh air.

Other highlights over the last month include:

  • Dynamo game – first home game of the season and Connor’s first game out of the womb! It was definitely an experience. The first game he was really tired because he hadn’t napped very well that way and was overwhelmed by all of the noise. For the second game we got some baby headphones to muffle the sound and it worked WONDERS. He did really well the second game, which we attended on his 5 month birthday! Hence the Dynamo onesie pictures above.
  • Entertained friends for dinner – this seems like a big deal since we are getting more and more  confident to cook and have people over while putting Connor to bed.
  • Connor spent the day going out to lunch with Bon Bon, GiGi and Granddad one Friday while Mama and Daddy were working. He is so spoiled with love!

What’s new:

  • TWO bottom teeth
  • Showing affection towards people he is more familiar with
  • Recognizes familiar faces versus strangers
  • Enjoys looking in the mirror
  • Likes to play with others
  • Responding to sounds by making sounds
  • Using sound to show different moods
  • Curious about new objects and reaches for them
  • Can string vowel sounds together and is starting to say consonants (like aaaah and abababababa)
  • Can support weight on legs while standing and starts to bounce in jumper
  • Sitting up more and more with assistance

The stats:

  • Weight: 15.2 lbs
  • Length: I need to measure him!
  • Sleeping hours: 11 at night and 3-5 during the day

Connor Loves:

  • Reaching for his feet while he’s on his back
  • When Daddy comes home. He gives the biggest smiles
  • Putting EVERYTHING in his mouth
  • Exploring Mommy and Daddy’s face and mouth
  • Making noises like “bbbbbb” sound while making bubbles with his lips
  • Being outside

Connor is not a fan of:

  • Teething
  • Growing pains


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