We are business owners!

    We finally did it! My husband and I are officially business owners.

    If you know my husband, starting his own business has been his dream for a very long time. He always knew he wanted to work with food at a very young age. His goal after graduating from culinary school was to own his own restaurant by the time he was 30. He met his other goals of helping someone open a restaurant and becoming an Executive Chef by the age of 26, so I knew he was going to accomplish what he set his sights on.

    However, an interesting turn of events happened in 2017. As many friends and family know, we were a bit surprised when we found out we were pregnant. Richard was the most shocked because he had wanted to start his restaurant before having a kid. He knew if he had a kid first, his life would be taken away by the business and he wouldn’t get much time at home. The idea of that really stressed him out.

    Therefore, our career dreams were put on hold as we brought new life into this world. Connor was the most amazing miracle and blessing we could have ever imagined. 

    The restaurant dream then took many forms and was even scaled back to a food truck concept for a while, something that would be more manageable and have less risk.

    Fast forward to a couple of months ago, and Richard and I were driving to and from Dallas for a friend’s wedding. I started talking to Richard about childcare and the absurd costs of daycare, and how it must be so difficult for single parents. I ideated about some kind of daycare that might give back or help lower income families. The idea stuck with me until we met my cousin for brunch before heading back home. I couldn’t help but sharing my thoughts with everyone at the table. Eventually that conversation led to food that babies are eating now days in general, and my cousin joked, “that’s what you should be doing is baby food.”

    On our 4 hour car ride home, Richard and I kept talking about that idea. We got more and more serious. We didn’t listen to anything on the way back. No radio, no podcasts, no nothing. Just pure excitement and joy in talking about our idea.

    And thus, Family Thyme Meals started to take shape (though it wasn’t named that just yet!). We started reaching out to parents we knew, offering free trials, gathering feedback and input. Now we are finally at a place where we are ready to fully launch our business!

    Isn’t it amazing, how we can plan, plan, plan, and then sometimes things don’t according to the plan but another door opens that was even better than before! I think Connor was the perfect gift to show us what we truly needed. We would never have come up with this business idea if not for him. And Richard is still a business owner by the age of 30, it just looks a little different than a restaurant.

    I am truly so excited to be starting this business because I believe we will be making an impact in many families’ lives. I now understand how precious time is. Even as a foodie with a husband who is a chef, the idea of cooking a dinner right after work is stressful and I sometimes even dread it. It’s a difficult time of day because Connor is the most hungry at that time and he’s also the most needy because he hasn’t been with us all day. All he wants is for us to hold him and yet we must somehow get a healthy meal out on the table for him.

    If you don’t have kids, I will quickly simplify it for you: kids want to eat dinner between 5-6. They also need lots of sleep so they often go to bed between 6-8. If you don’t get home from work until 5 or 6, that doesn’t leave much time to cook, bathe, spend time with your kids and tuck them in. Sometimes they are in bed before you get home. If you cook, most of that time is dedicated to cooking and cleaning and by the time you’re done it’s bedtime. Don’t even get me started on multiple kids and after school activities! I don’t know how larger families do it. There is little to no quality time being spent as a family or just relaxing and enjoying time with loved ones and talking about your day. It’s not just about quantity of time, it’s about quality.

    That is the whole idea behind Family Thyme Meals. We are taking the stress away from cooking and cleaning and giving families more quality time to enjoy one another. And we deliver the food right to your door step!
    This business also really helps our own family. Meal planning and prepping is something we do already so we might as well do it for others. It really helps us focus on what matters during those precious weeknight evenings when we only have 1-2 hours of time together as a family.
    Richard is truly amazing. He is going to be the one doing all the hard work. On top of his normal job, he’ll be working nights and weekends as he meal plans, grocery shops, meal preps, cooks and delivers the food. I will be gradually working behind the scenes, basically helping make sure things stay organized. He will be doing the heavy lifting. 

    If you want to check out our website and learn more about our services and what we offer, you can visit – it was created by yours truly! We can’t wait to embark on this new journey and we hope you will share this news with anyone who might be interested. 

    A few thank-yous:

    • To our family, who has always pushed us to follow our dreams and supported our ideas.
    • To my cousin, Dani, who created our beautiful logo and read our minds for what we wanted!To Nouna (Anna), who originally invested in the original idea but that rolled over into this one 🙂 And for completing our first sale to make sure the eCommerce was working properly!
    • To all of our trialers and early stage testers, for your feedback in helping the business take shape.

    “Your children only get one childhood. Make it memorable.”

    -Regina Brett